Pizza Hut has joined forces with Rancilio to provide customers with quality coffee.

Pizza Hut’s Wayne Penfold tells about their strong relationship.

Anybody visiting a Pizza Hut restaurant in the UK today will notice a vast change from just a few years ago.
Stores across the country have undergone a major makeover in look and feel. Three years into a major re-design program, stores have been refreshed and the menu extends beyond the lunchtime buffet and free salad bar offer that Pizza Hut restaurants are famous for. New items such as low-calorie flatbread pizzas and gluten-free pizza bases have been introduced in order to appeal to a broader dining public. A greater focus on the range of desserts and starters as well as a cocktail selection in selected restaurants is all part of the move to attract a wider customer base.

Part of the re-design program is a focus on the right equipment and Pizza Hut restaurants have begun installing Rancilio coffee machines in around 50 of its restaurants to date, from  Bournemouth to Glasgow, in order to guarantee a high-quality and consistent coffee offer. Wayne Penfold, procurement manager for Pizza Hut restaurants, says coffee is “a growing part” of the chain’s overall offer.