Established for over 25 years, SERVICELINE provides highly effective and creative preventative maintenance services to caterers throughout the UK including:
- Business and industry contract caterers
- OGC local authority healthcare, education and HM prisons
- Hotels, restaurants, pubs, groups and theme parks

SERVICELINE takes a proactive approach to kitchen maintenance that is unique for our industry and sets exceptional standards for quality and safety. Born out of customers’ needs to maintain their quality catering equipment, SERVICELINE made an immediate impact with caterers in the early 1990s. Bringing together service industry experts, the company created a refrigeration division and expanded nationally. Today SERVICELINE manages thousands of kitchen contracts supporting caterers with preventative maintenance and emergency repairs that keep their businesses running. From equipment installations through manufacturers’ warranty to life-time service, SERVICELINE delivers the whole package for customers who value our multi-manufacturer expertise. Employing over 120 fully trained experienced engineers, SERVICELINE consistently delivers exceptional service to our customers nationwide everyday.