In professional dishwashing areas, RENDISK has stood for the very best results for more than 35 years. Based on its mission to improve working methods in dishwashing areas, RANDISK has once again set about developing a new generation of dish handling systems and kitchen waste (vacuum) solutions with an eye to durability, ergonomics and efficiency. RENDISK has won several awards for its sustainable waste management systems, among others Gulfood Award in Dubai and Smart Label Award at Host in Milan. RENDISK’s latest innovation is the Rendisk Solus Eco, a stand-alone system for your kitchen waste. With the smallest footprint of only 0.8m2 and a capacity of 450kg/hr this machine reduces the volume of organic waste by up to 80%. This results in a great saving on disposal cost and facilitates environmental disposal of leftovers. RENDISK: eye for people, the environment and profit.