Our contract companies offer efficient and creative turnkey solutions through a unique service of centralized purchasing.

This formula is a great advantage for our clients. They have a competent partner able to identify the best products for their project and the ease of having a single point of contact that looks after orders, installation, personnel training and after-sales service.

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Northern Europe

Our turnkey contract service provides that added plus that makes the world of difference to consultants, distributors, caterers, hotel chains, restaurants, construction companies and for all those who work with professional kitchens on a daily basis and require vision and timely solutions from their partners.

All projects, both large and small, can easily be completed with the help of our contract companies. They all possess great attention to detail and focus on controlling costs and utilities. Our companies are experts in local health and sanitation standards in the countries they operate in. 

Above all, each of them offer the full range of all 115 Ali Group brands as well as the collective experience of the entire Group to choose the best solution for you and your business.