The Carpigiani Gelato Museum is the first of its kind, dedicated to the history, culture and technology of artisanal gelato.

This venture is a homage to the skill of gelatieri and is aimed at transmitting the values of fresh, quality gelato that Italy is famous for worldwide.

The exhibit takes the visitor on a journey from the beginnings to today, telling three different stories: the evolution of gelato, the history of the technology and the places and ways to enjoy it. The research and work done by the curators, Luciana Polliotti and Andrea Barbieri, has brought together 20 different machines, over 10,000 photographs, rare historical documents and unique accessories.

The visit is interspersed with a series of previously unpublished interviews of protagonists of gelato's history and multimedia stations to further one's knowledge of the tradition and making of gelato. It is possible for schools to attend educational labs that bring to life the world of gelato for their students.
We look forward to seeing you in Bologna to discover the history of gelato!