BARON is an Italian brand specializing in designing and manufacturing foodservice equipment. Baron was established in 1995 to satisfy the toughest requirements of professional catering. Its vast range of integrated systems and equipment for professional kitchens quickly made its mark in the sector thanks to the perfect combination of high efficiency and a sophisticated design. Baron supports customers’ needs from design to cooking, from refrigeration to storage, distribution and warewashing. The excellence of Made in Italy is expressed through ten product lines and over 5,000 alternatives. The technical innovation of BARON products ensures that nothing is left to chance. In particular, in our modular cooking range the fully-molded top, obtained from a large stainless steel plate, is perfectly combined with the stainless steel removable basin accessory, permitting high performances and perfect hygiene during the cooking cycle. Providing excellence and elegance, moving spontaneously around the kitchen and finding the answer to your needs in every piece of equipment, especially in the cooking range, is the aim of BARON, kitchens for professionals.