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Another important reference for the French company

The project is the result of lengthy preparation carried out upstream with the research department to meet the needs of production rates, energy savings, ergonomics and improvements in work conditions.
“The 350m2 space allocated to the kitchen is located on the second basement level, and as no alterations to the building’s structure were allowed, the constraints were particularly strong”, explained Bertrand Davenne, Manager for the Eastern Region and Belgium for Alicomenda.

With the Belgian installer Magec, Betrand equipped the washing area of the European Parliament’s main kitchen with two rack conveyors, an automatic rack feeding machine, along with a reverse osmosis water supply and two tray washers.  All the machines are designed with the concept of a ‘multi-rinse’ zone using heating pumps, providing the benefit of particularly low water consumption.  The equipment has enabled a reduction in energy and water consumption rates and avoided an increase in ambient temperature.

For example, one of the conveyors can process 5,000 plates / hour with a consumption of just 130 litres of water and just 35kWh of energy.  The use of a poly-cord tray conveyor system has also considerably reduced manual labour.