Carpigiani Introduces New "Fantasticks 4 U" Concept

A Concept That’s Quickly Turning Into the Next Explosive Gelato Trend

Fantasticks 4 U was designed as a gelato business concept offering an alternative low cost investment opportunity to entering the gelato, ice cream, sorbet or frozen dessert business as opposed to the more costly free standing Gelato or ice cream shop.
With the core Carpigiani products the "Master Stick" & "Fantastic blast freezer" an investment of approx. $37,000 is all that's required to enter the profitable, artistic & rewarding business of gelato and frozen desserts.
he 2 machines allow for the custom creation of 48 gelato bars in 30 minutes custom infused with any type of liquid from vitamins, to caffeine, to energy drinks to even alcohol then topped & coated with your favorite toppings and chocolate coatings.
A profitable concept that adds creativity as the operator is only limited by their imagination & can also compliment virtually any foodservice establishment. 
This concept is only further evidence of the commitment to cutting edge, customer centric, relevant innovation - brought to you by the world leader in frozen dessert technology - Carpigiani.