Discover Naboo Boosted from Lainox

The best combi oven ever. Beyond all limits

Naboo Boosted is the professional oven for your restaurant.
Find out how to grill, fry, roast and steam cook with the Naboo professional range of ovens, suitable for all requirements.


- The powerful steam generator allows for unprecedented cooking speed
- With the new Fast Dry Boosted® system, the cooking chamber is dehumidified even faster, guaranteeing perfect crispiness and gratin finish every time


- Energy Monitor: allows control of electricity, gas, water and detergent consumption, including all previous cooking processes within the last year
- Vapor Cleaning System (VCS): the automatic wash system which results in a significant reduction in consumption (up to 30% less thanks to an innovative steam cleaning system*)

*compared to the previous model


- Naboo coach: a virtual assistant that gives you advice in the cooking stages, suggests the most suitable washing cycle and even lets you know when maintenance is required
- AUTOCLIMA:  controls the ideal climate within the cooking chamber, therefore guaranteeing excellent cooking quality at all times
Intelligent Energy System (IES): controls energy consumption based on the quantity of food being cooked, while ensuring the temperature remains accurate and stable


- Long Life Component LLC*
- Easy installation and maintenance

*Internally approved Lainox protocol


Up to 15% smaller overall size*

*Naboo boosted 062 model


- If Naboo is connected to Nabook (the Lainox Cloud), consumption can also be monitored remotely
- LAINOX MULTIDISPLAY SYSTEM (LMS): you can configure your devices and recipes differently for each Naboo. You can also monitor both HACCP data storage and REMOTE SERVICE management


- MULTILEVEL PLUS function: you can configure your control display just like your smartphone to modify and personalise the Lainox ICS recipes or create new ones
- Configurable display
- Modifiable recipes


- Up to 20% more powerful*
- Preheating up to 320°C

*compared to the previous model

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