Eloma relaunches its inspirational website – the start of a new brand experience

The Eloma GmbH presents the new website at HOST in Milano. It reflects the result of a contemporary development of the brand identity and its positioning based on its roots and core competences.

The customer experience when working with Eloma combi-steamers and bake-off ovens has also been the core idea when further developing the Eloma brand and designing the new website: high quality, intuitive usability and absolute reliability.
The visual and contextual composition of the website is intended to inspire the user and is clearly shaped by emotion and appreciation – central elements that form the basis of Eloma's identity. Case studies and recipes will be uploaded regularly with news from around the world regularly. New are also user videos. At first, you will find video tutorials for MULTIMAX, more will be uploaded shortly.
A visit on eloma.com is always worthwhile!

At the same time as the relaunch of the website, Eloma opens the social media channels for a worldwide exchange of ideas and impressions.  
Experience the Eloma brand and stay tuned to see further activities around Eloma’s brand identity.