Autogrill chooses EsmachLab for the new Bistrot inside “ Il Mercato del Duomo”

The fruitful collaboration between Esmach and Autogrill continues.
After opening the first Bistrot at the central station in Milan, the EsmachLab format was chosen for the new location within the Il Mercato del Duomo” format, the incredible cathedral of taste by Autogrill. Inaugurated recently in Milan, the new Autogrill flagship store brings a new standard of excellence to a covered market of local products chosen in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (UNISG).

An important part of this is Esmachlab, the innovative format by Esmach that revolutionizes the baker’s job, freeing it from night production. With only 5 machines in less than 25 mq, EsmachLab adapts production to the different necessities throughout the day: from breakfast to lunch right through to cocktails.
In only 30 minutes it is possible to make fresh bread, brioches, pizza and focaccia, all with natural yeast. Moreover, bread and pizza are produced only with natural yeast and only in the quantity that you need to avoid waste.
EsmachLab is the ideal proposal for “Il Mercato del Duomo”, that with its over 5000 mq over four floors, proposes a series of concepts that offer an experience of sustainable consumption, based on respect for nature and seasonal products.

The successful partnership with Autogrill and Esmach continues in its efforts to spread the culture of healthy eating, that uses traditional artisanal methods to guarantee quality, food safety and above all, incredible flavour!
Watch the video of the opening