Falcon expands F900 cookline with the electric fryer


Falcon expands its popular F900 cookline series with the launch of a new electric fryer that is easy to use and energy efficient.

As with other F900 models, the fryer not only delivers in terms of function and performance, it is also very well presented. Clean lines and an eye-catching design make it equally suited for traditional kitchens, open plan kitchens or servery areas. It also features Falcon’s patented Dynamic Link System (DLS), allowing it to be suited with other F900 appliances.

Shaune Hall, Falcon’s Product Development Chef commented “The E9342 is designed as a complimentary fryer, ideal for producing individual portions or small batches of fried foods.  The two independently-controlled pans give extra flexibility, allowing chefs to fry different products simultaneously, at different temperatures – each fryer having a range of 130-185°C.” 

Energy saving and sustainability are integral to the F900 design.  The new fryers feature an Eco setting that reduces power consumption during pre-heating and can additionally be used as a fat-melt mode.  The powerful elements save energy by quickly recovering temperature when fresh food is loaded – this also ensures excellent food quality. 

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