Moffat helps Burger 21

Burger 21, based in Tampa, Florida, is not your run-of-themill US burger chain.
While beef occupies the center of its menu, the company also offers patties made of sushi-grade ahi tuna, shrimp, turkey, chicken and a range of vegetarian options.
Along with a griddle and a fryer, a convection oven and a six-burner range also serve as key parts of Burger 21’s equipment package.

When seeking out a high-quality convection oven, equipment dealer Johnson-Lancaster and Associates introduced the company to Moffat’s Turbofan® Series 30 E32D5 Convection Oven. These ovens offer digital controls and one-touch models that are ideal for baking, roasting, cooking, holding and rethermalizing.

“Plus, the autoreversing fan and moisture injection guarantees a perfect bake every time,” says Jimmy Droter, Moffat’s regional sales manager and executive chef.
Burger 21 is so pleased with the consistency and quality of the ovens, it is now installing them across all of its 25 locations.