Oem refreshes its look and presents the new website

A new image to convey an all-round offer, from dough mixing to baking.

Oem, an Ali Group leading Company in the production of ovens and preparation machines for pizzerias, has completely renewed its image, making it more modern, warm and dynamic, to be even more close to our customers.

A brand new logo, new brochures, a new web site, thought to present OEM world and its wide range of products and solutions offered from our Company to meet the demands of pizza chefs in every phase of their work, from dough mixing to baking.
From bars to small deli shops, to pizza corners and big pizzerias, from cafeterias to quick service restaurants, Oem has the answer for every single need.

In the new website, you can find a dedicated section to Pizza Hub, because OEM does not only offer innovative products but also training and consulting. Our Company would like to be “Your Pizza Hub”, a reference for those who make pizza, a research and development centre, able to follow in every production phase the job of pizza chefs, with innovative products and solutions. 

Enjoy the new website!