The new Prodigy Plus® machines by Scotsman make ice production convenient, efficient and reliable

Scotsman, the world’s largest manufacturer of ice systems, is dedicated to developing next generation technologies that make ice production easy, safe and convenient. The new Prodigy Plus® available in cube, flake or nugget formats, is 99% American manufactured at the award-winning production facility in South Carolina; offering a wide range of features and design elements while saving you water and energy.

The Prodigy Plus difference

The Prodigy Plus is a self-monitoring machine equipped with intuitive technology for advanced control, quick diagnostics in a reduced operational footprint.
AutoAlert™ is an external indicator light that continuously communicates the machine’s status in an easily visible location. By immediately alerting staff to key operational issues, Prodigy Plus machines maintain the highest level of ice production. 
purge control reduces scale buildup with every freeze cycle.
Vari-Smart™ ice level control utilizes ultrasonic technology to maintain the selected customizable ice level, so that customers get the ice they need while operators save water and energy.
Scotsman Nugget Ice is soft, chewable and time-tested; displacing more liquid than cube ice, it lowers syrup costs per cup.
The Prodigy Smart-Board™ is an optional advanced feature board that provides data that can be displayed on-screen or transmitted for early diagnosis. Used in conjunction with Vari-Smart, ice level can be programmed for the entire week.

Simple, effective cleaning and easy-access cleaning
The newly relocated air filter on the front panel makes it easy to remove and clean as well as saving space.  Scotsman has also streamlined the ice head cleaning process with a one-touch method and powerful antimicrobial protection is molded directly into key components, offering more peace of mind than ever before.

The self-aligning front panel of Prodigy Plus machines are easy to remove and allow clear access to internal components. The diagnostic code display helps technicians determine issues quickly and accurately. With the externally located QR code access, it is easy for customers to connect to parts lists, cleaning instructions, manuals, warranty history and more.
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