TALENT, the kitchen multitasker from Baron

One piece of equipment for cooking in 7 different ways

Compact and multifunctional, TALENT is a true “cooking centre” that will change the way you cook and come to your aid when other equipment is in use and in the event of a high number of orders.
7 cooking modalities in just one equipment: fry-top, braising pan, pasta cookers, slow cook, steam, boiling and bainmarie.

TALENT works for you and optimizes service. The use of the probe and programmed slow cooking allow for a continuous production cycle, with meals always ready to be served.

Saves space, increase taste

Talent occupies only 40 cm of space and is available in the following models:
- CLASSIC model: condenses 10 kW of power in 40x90 cm of space
- PRODUCTION model: designed for high volumes thanks to its GN2/1 pan and 20 kW of power
- SLIM model: full power of the Classic version in just 80x70 cm of space

More technology for a perfect result

A touch-screeen control panel allows you to set cooking parameters with ease and store a variety of customized recipes, in addition to the pre-programmed recipes. Your dishes will always turn out perfect thanks to the temperature control with the core probe and sound alert at the end of the cooking process.

TALENT is also equipped with two USB outputs, located under the dashboard (compartment area), for storing recipes and updating the software.