The highest level of hygiene where it is needed most

At a time when hygiene is paramount, warewashing market leader Comenda guarantees outstanding standards of disinfection with its ThermoCare range

Now more than ever, foodservice operators are turning to technologies which off er higher levels of disinfection. Thermal disinfection, which uses moist heat to kill microorganisms, is growing in prevalence in the care sector, Genoni - Comenda strategic sales and marketing manager - observes.

The hotel segment is increasingly embracing thermolabel testing, which verifies the temperature of 71°C on the plate surface after the washing cycle.
“Combining new technologies, human engineering, procedures and a new mindset, consistency in hygiene means making the operator’s life easier by simplifying their tasks in a much healthier environment,” says Genoni.

“Now more than ever we are aware of the importance of hygiene within the foodservices industry to safeguard children, residents in care and hospital patients,” says Comenda’s product development manager Antonio Di Giorgio.

Into this context, with a global imperative for better hygiene assurance, steps Comenda.
In response to the pandemic, the company quickly and effciently allocated a specialist team, headed by Di Giorgio, which aimed to find a flexible solution to meet the needs of both the care sector and the high-end hotel segment.
Enter Comenda’s ThermoCare range of products, which provides rigorous standards of hygiene combined with maximum flexibility. ThermoCare units enable high washing temperatures and prolonged contact times in order to achieve exceptional thermal disinfection results, alongside standard sanitization options.

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