The IOT equipment of GRANDIMPIANTI I.L.E. has won the 2017 Smart Label Award

The 2017 has been a very succesful year for Grandimpianti I.L.E. and the Smart Label Award is just one of the latest prizes achieved.

The GWH105 washing machine with the innovative Wavy control system won this prestigious award. Wavy is a user friendly, interactive and touchscreen interface that provides information about the programming and the operating of the machine according to the users experience. Procedures are simple, step-by-step and everything is dosed on the users (beginners/occasional, expert/professional, technical). Everything is under control and just a click away: know-how, processes and diagrams, control and diagnostics, no tax accounting, costs management and telecare service.

This great innovation of Grandimpianti I.L.E shows the attention and the commitment of the company in the IOT (Internet of Things) with the aim of enhancing cutting-edge solutions capable of introducing digital connections between products and improving the user experience.