Valido EVO from OEM

Multifunctional, static, electric oven for breads, pastries and pizza

With a cooking surface made of refractory bricks with a thickness of 19 mm, Valido EVO is deal for cooking round pizza, pizza in trays, bread and pastry, including large leavened products such as "panettone".

It is available in two versions: with a 16 cm or 30 cm high baking chamber.


  • 10 free cooking programs
  • Operating temperature setting (up to 400°C)
  •  Programmed switch-on (7 days, twice a day)
  • Digit Pro control panel with user-friendly scroll knob for easy selection of all parameters
  • Pyrolytic cleaning cycle

Energy savings
With the Economy Function it maintains the set temperature by optimizing consumption.

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