ACP, Inc. manufactures a full line of commercial high-speed cooking equipment carrying the AMANA, MENUMASTER, and XPRESSCHEF brands. In 1969, ACP, Inc. brought the first commercial microwave to the market under the AMANA brand.
In the 1980’s, ACP, Inc. introduced the first high-speed combination oven to market - the Jetwave®. Today, AMANA, MENUMASTER, and XPRESSCHEF remain the recognized leaders of commercial microwave ovens and high-speed cooking solutions. Building upon a solid foundation of innovation, technology and state-of-the-art facilities, ACP, Inc. continues to develop new products designed to reduce cooking time, improve overall kitchen efficiency and enhance the quality and consistency of the foods prepared in our ovens.
AMANA, MENUMASTER, and XPRESSCHEF products are backed by worldclass 24/7/365 ComServ service and support and are fabricated and assembled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.