In 1981 the LAINOX company was founded in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy and specialized in designing and creating equipment for professional restaurateurs, especially multi-use ovens. Its strong entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of its innovations quickly made it stand out, bringing it significant market share in Italy and elsewhere. LAINOX products and services are admired by chefs worldwide and, with a complete range of cooking equipment on five continents, it is considered a global leader. Always at the forefront of innovation, and sensitive to its customers’ needs, LAINOX has developed Naboo, the first smart cooking device; not just a combi–steamer, but a real kitchen helper that combines optimal performance with an almost endless supply of information, updates and know-how. Research, innovation and training are the three main ingredients in the LAINOX recipe for success.
And the corporate mission, “Excellence in the kitchen”, summarizes the company’s drive for improvement and demonstrates the courage it has in taking on the most difficult challenges in the market.